We are in the process of making our SECOND album! Thanks to The Boston Foundation with are about 1/3 funded for the entire record. This means we have our entire advertising, production, and album budget covered...We still need to fund the actually making of the music which means paying engineers, players, and studios.

Each track costs approx. 2,500.

If you gift between $1,800-3000 to the band you will become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER!

You will get...

1. Your name under the mystery track of your choosing (see below) on all vinyl and cd production (which means you are essentially famous). 

2. A lifetime of free Ruby Rose Fox concerts.

3. A free membership to RubyRoseFox.com

4. My undying love. 

How? Paypal Ruby@rubyrosefox.com or mail a check (info@rubyrosefox.com)