Boston based artist Ruby Rose Fox is a cultural messenger of our turbulent modern times. Her music is as sonically compelling as it is subversive, packed with lyrics that reflect and challenge our current political state, from #metoo, to the mass-shooting crisis.

Part actress, director, and writer, Fox has never shied away from inventive ways to approach her art. On June 22nd Ruby Rose Fox will release her sophomore album Salt, an utterly cinematic piece of experimental pop that features dense soundscapes built to accompany Fox’s wall-shattering vocals.
The sonically-rich record is enhanced via ASMR microphones that were used during the recording, resulting in an ASMR-sensitive body of emotional, political, and personal songs—which when listened to with headphones—produces a next-level experience for the listener. Salt is the follow-up to Ruby Rose Fox’s debut album Domestic which reached number 8 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.




BigRed Redline Roots: Best Musician

New England Music Awards: Album Of The Year


New England Music Awards: Best Female Performer

Boston Music Awards: Best Singer-Songwriter


Boston Improper: Best In Arts And Entertainment

Boston Music Awards: Best Female Vocalist

Boston Music Awards: Best Pop Act


Boston Music Awards: Best Female Vocalist